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You feel stuck.
You feel defeated.
You crave to feel more confident.
You don’t think you are good enough.
You need more time for yourself.
You cant get out of your own head.
Your thoughts are taking over!

I know you are tired. But you don’t have to feel this way anymore.


Its time to get out of your own way & show up full of fiery confidence in your LIFE.

You don’t have to keep trying to figure it out on your own with minimal results.


+ Put your needs & desires first

+ Set powerful boundaries


+ Fully love who you are

+ Find more time for YOU & self-care

+ Let go of negative self-talk & embrace your inner power

+ Grow your trust & belief in yourself

+ Feel amazingly vibrant & confident

All it takes is for YOU to DECIDE that you want more.

You deserve to be the BOSS of your thoughts & your life.

The power is in YOUR hands.

If you want to TRANSFORM your life, that is on you. You can do hard things.



Are you ready to own your truth, set boundaries and tackle those limiting thoughts that are holding you back from being your true, vibrant self?





Two 1-on-1 Coaching Sessions with me!

Small Strokes


LIVE coaching with me

Get PERSONAL ACCESS to Live coaching & training calls each week with me to learn, & work through any struggles, questions, or concerns. 

Worksheets & Journal Prompts

This program includes worksheets with journal prompts & questions to work through. These will be an extension of the LIVE trainings and offer more guidance.

Accountability & Support

Accountability from me & an amazing tribe of women that will help keep you on track. When you have other women to support you, it all becomes so much easier! 

About Lindsey


Hey There!

I'm Lindsey Mease.... Yoga Instructor. Mindset Coach. Food Lover. Frenchie Mom. Self-Love Motivator. I help busy women get back in touch with their true selves and create a grounded, aligned life through movement and mindset transformation.

Before I became a Mindset Coach & Yoga instructor, the old Lindsey wasn't so mentally accomplished. I knew how it felt to lack confidence, always worry about what others thought of me, overthink everything, not say “No”, not put myself first, lack boundaries, and I didn’t own my shit and blamed others.

Then I found yoga and a killer coach and my self-growth began. It brought me back to life. It made me feel confident and taught me to love my body. It pushed me to stop, slow down, and realize that I had let my thoughts takeover. It offered a space for me to find strength, open my heart and my mind. My coach called me out on my bullshit. Sometimes it takes another perspective to help guide you and make you accountable for your actions and your life!

Looking back at it now (and with lots of yoga & coaching) the outcomes I was getting in my life was a direct result of my mindset and actions. I was not taking control of me or my life. I let myself feel victim to my circumstances.

Today, I am by no means perfect and very much still a work in progress (we all are!). However, what I have recognized is the learning never stops, the growth never stops, the work never stops. It’s up to ME to do the work and show up in my life so I can be the best version of ME.


Are you ready to elevate your life, get unstuck and start loving on YOU? I am SO excited to be part of your journey to the newly empowered, refreshed, aligned and grounded you.

- Lindsey



Lindsey was absolutely amazing to work with! She has so much insight and wisdom. Her approach is positive and empowering! I am blessed to have been able to work with her. I have grown and continue to grow from what I have learned from Lindsey. She has a heart to help people become the best versions of themselves

I have only been working with Lindsey for 4 weeks and my experience is life changing. I have had huge aha moments everytime we talk. She is very knowledgeable and you can definitely tell she’s gifted at guided conversations and asking the right questions. Highly recommend her.

Lindsey has made such a massive impact on my life in such a short time, where no one has been able to after years. I have no idea how she did it, but she did.

I've had therapists that all they've done is stare at me and let me talk, but never, not once have they asked me how to find answers by breaking just one feeling down to its bare bones and dissect it until I could find its source nor had they shown me the cognitive tools to do so.

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