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Rejection is Good!

Hello Gals!

Today I have been thinking about the meaning of rejection. Rejection is probably one of the most difficult things for a human to deal with. It makes us feel inadequate, defeated, or even 2nd best but I’ve been thinking about how rejection doesn’t have to be a negative experience. It’s all about perspective and how you choose to look at the situation. Rejection isn’t supposed to make you feel negative emotions but instead uplift you into the understanding that you’re on the right path. Rejection is actually redirection to something better! Trust in the universe to guide you in the right direction for your life. Have faith that not everything is supposed to work out as planned and that the universe has your back! Life is about going with the flow and accepting what you’re offered. Not everything in life will be pleasant but by having faith you know that each situation is a redirection to a happy life. So I invite you today to look at rejection not as a negative outcome but as a positive shift in your life plan! Every thing works out as it should. Let go of what doesn’t serve your happiness & move forward.

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