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This is tough but so are you!

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

This is tough, but so are you! It’s okay to not feel strong some days. It’s okay to feel like a failure some days. It’s okay to feel like shit some days. It’s okay to want to quit some days. It’s okay to feel defeated some days.

Just don’t unpack and live there.

Don’t make this your final destination. You can start over each and every day if you need to!

You are STRONGER than your negative thoughts. You are STRONGER than fear. You are STRONGER than anxiety. You are not a victim of your circumstances. and you get to decide what happens next in these moments.

Even if you have to take it hour by hour or minute by minute, you get to choose how you are going to show up.

You get to choose where your energy will flow. Put the power back in your hands and show your thoughts, fear, and anxiety who is the queen bitch here! Oh, you didn’t know? IT’S YOU!

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